This website has no purpose in life

I'm just using this template because I happend to find it when I was looking for a best-free-beautiful-HTML-landing-page for this newly bought domain, I think it's cool.

GitHub, a weird result of the forbidden love between a Cat and an Octopus!

import hidden_camera //#We're going to hack into the hotel security system
import html5 //#Need this libary to hack into Facebook database
import android_waifu //#2D girl is the best

if internet and macbook:
    if url == '':
        print('You hacked Facebook sucessfully')

            if facebook.hack_ex_fb_profile(profile_url):
                print('I know what you did there!')
                begging_her('Pleaseeee, my dog stepped on a beeeeeeeeee!')
            print("C'mon!!! you looooser!")

Reasons Why My Mom Loves me

She has to, even she doesn't want to
Elle doit, même si elle ne veut pas
Ela tem que, mesmo que ela não queira
هي مضطرة لذلك ، حتى هي لا تريد ذلك

I'm Loved by Thousands of Ladies

Let me tell you a secret "I got isekaied to this earth by truck-kun!"

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